Traditional Greek Food

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Greek cuisine is known for its fresh and flavorful ingredients, and there are many traditional Greek dishes that are loved around the world. Here are some popular examples of traditional Greek food.

1. Moussaka

Moussaka – Layers of eggplant, potatoes, and ground meat (usually beef or lamb) covered in a béchamel sauce and baked in the oven.

2. Souvlaki

Souvlaki – Skewered meat (usually pork, chicken, or lamb) marinated in herbs and spices and grilled to perfection.

3. Spanakopita

Spanakopita – A savory pie made with phyllo pastry and filled with spinach, feta cheese, onions, and herbs.

4. Greek Salad

Greek Salad – A classic salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives, dressed with olive oil and vinegar.

5. Gyro

Gyro – Slices of meat (usually pork, chicken, or lamb) cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served in a pita bread with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce.

6. Taramasalata

Taramasalata – A dip made with fish roe, olive oil, lemon juice, and bread crumbs.

7. Baklava

Baklava – A sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo dough, chopped nuts, and honey syrup.

These are just a few examples of traditional Greek food, but there are many more regional specialties to discover.

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